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Did Your Employer:

  • Retaliate against you for filing a workers’ compensation claim?
  • Remove the safety guards from a machine in violation of OSHA standards? Does your employer routinely violate lookout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures? Did OSHA violations cause your injuries and your employer is a non-subscriber?
  • Did a defective product cause your work injury? In addition to workers’ compensation, you may be entitled to make a third-party claim against the manufacturer.
  • Talk to us about your workplace accident. It costs time and money to fully recover from a workplace accident. We fully understand the distinctions of the law and how to identify all the liable parties in your accident.
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t-workplaceIf you were injured at work and your employer is not a subscriber to workers’ compensation, what can you do? Talk to a Dallas workplace accident lawyer. Employers who are “non-subscribers” can be held liable for work-related injuries. The personal injury attorney at the Law Office of Julie Johnson can explain your rights.

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