Were You Hurt in An Accident Caused by Texting While Driving?

At the Law Office of Julie Johnson, we do everything in our power to help you

America’s obsession with cell phone texting has moved past even the dinner table to the driver’s seats of cars and trucks on busy roads and city intersections. In very simple terms, we find it:

  • It’s careless and negligent
  • Parties who cause accidents while texting should be held accountable

While no laws in Texas specifically address texting while driving, numerous laws governing safe driving can be used to establish liability. The result? Numerous and frequent strong cases for compensation following texting-related accidents and injuries.

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If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident and suspect phone texting caused the crash, contact our firm. Firm founder and attorney Julie Johnson has handled thousands of legal cases since entering injury and insurance law in 1991 and has recovered combined many millions of dollars for clients.

While talking on cell phones while driving in Texas is generally legal except in school zones, drivers nonetheless are required to drive safely. Texting, operating radios, cell phones, and GPS devices is no excuse once an accident occurs.

We can work with investigators and other experts to investigate your claim, then negotiate with insurers to recover the compensation you deserve for serious injuries. If insurers refuse to make a fair offer or act in bad faith, we can immediately file the case in court for a jury trial.

Ms. Johnson is an experienced litigator, and we are prepared to provide fast, effective legal help. For a Free Consultation of your car accident case, contact our firm.

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