Dallas Falling Object Injury Attorney

It’s never a cartoon-like scene. There’s actually nothing funny about it. When you are injured by a falling object, the outcomes can be serious, dangerous…and often incredibly unfair.

(Stop! Before you read on, if you have been injured by a falling object, make sure you take photos of everything. Any visible injuries, the accident site itself, absolutely anything that might be connected to your accident. Because – if your case ends up going to court – you’re going to want to have as much physical and visual evidence on your side as possible.

Too many people ‘feel fine’ right after the incident but days later start to experience painful effects. By then, the area would have been cleaned up and the wounds have begun to heal. Document everything. Right away!)

The Frequency of Falling Object Injuries

Falling object injuries are more common than you think. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 50,000 “struck by falling object” OSHA recordable every year in the United States. That’s roughly one injury every 10 minutes!

And it doesn’t just happen at the workplace. In fact, with the increasing popularity of ‘big box’ retailers like DIY stores and discount warehouses, many shoppers are more at risk than they realize. Look up next time you go shopping. There are loads of ways that all those shelves of bulk and heavy product can end up causing you a lot of pain and suffering.

Possible Causes of Falling Object Injuries

Are the boxes improperly or unevenly stacked? Are the shelving units or racks strong enough to hold all the material that has accumulated on them? Are they wearing badly, are they aging units or have they just been improperly maintained?

What about the staff who is stocking the shelves and removing the product from them? Have they been properly trained? Do they know how to safely shift and move products around, without endangering anyone below?

Has the area that is being worked on been properly cordoned off? What about signage? Areas being worked on should always be clearly marked and provide the appropriate amount of warnings about the possibility of objects falling from overhead.

Finally, there is always the chance that the employee who causes the object to fall might be somehow impaired.

Whatever the reason, the window of time for you to act is extremely small. You must contact an attorney and you must contact one right away.

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