Dallas Uber Accident Attorney

Thousands of Uber vehicles are on the roadways in and around Dallas each day. While most Uber rides are safe and passengers get to their destinations without incident, that is not always the case. At the Law Office Of Julie Johnson, we know that Uber vehicles are involved in accidents on our roadways. If you or a loved one had been injured and needs help from a Dallas Uber accident attorney, let us get to work on your case immediately. We want to secure the compensation you are entitled to for this case.

Uber accidents do happen in Dallas

Uber is popular. There is no denying that fact. However, determining exactly how many crashes in the area involve Uber vehicles is not easy. Uber keeps crash statistics mostly secret, and the state of Texas does not differentiate Uber crashes from any other accident on the roadway.

During the latest reporting year in Texas, there were 249,241 total traffic crash injuries and 3,639 total traffic crash fatalities. We have to consider that Uber drivers are just as statistically likely to get into an accident as any other driver. Uber drivers use their personal vehicles to take passengers from place to place, and they have no specialized driver training.

Who is liable for these incidents?

Just like any other car crash, insurance carriers will look to determine who caused an incident involving an Uber vehicle. Many people have questions regarding what type of insurance coverage an Uber driver must-have. The answer to that can be complicated. There are various insurance carriers involved in an Uber crash, and coverage kicks in depending on what a driver is doing at the time the incident occurs.

When an Uber driver is not signed in to work on the Uber app, they are on their personal time. If that driver causes an accident, the situation will be handled like any other crash and their personal insurance carrier will be responsible for any damage and injury compensation.

If an Uber driver is signed into work but does not have a passenger, their personal insurance carrier is still the primary coverage provider. In these instances, Uber will provide limited coverage if a claim is denied by the personal carrier or if coverage limits are exhausted.

Uber’s $1 million liability policy will cover anyone involved in an accident with an Uber vehicle only if the driver is signed into work on the app and had a passenger (or is on the way to get a passenger) at the time a crash occurred.

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