Dallas Side Impact Car Accident Attorney

Side-impact car accidents can be devastating. These incidents can potentially lead to severe injuries for drivers or passengers. At the Law Office Of Julie Johnson, we are dedicated to helping victims of these collisions secure the compensation they are entitled to. Our Dallas car accident attorneys have a deep understanding of personal injury law and are ready to secure the compensation you are entitled to for what has happened.

A Side-impact Collision Can Be Devastating

While any car accident has the potential for serious injuries, a side-impact collision can be particularly devastating. Out of the nearly 250,000 total traffic crash injuries In Texas during the latest reporting year, some of the most serious injuries were caused by side-impact incidents.

Why would a side-impact collision be so devastating?

These incidents, often called “T-bone” collisions, can have a dramatic effect on the human body. Vehicles are primarily designed to sustain impacts from the from and back. These are the areas where there is the most distance between passengers and another vehicle. However, there is not much distance between a person and another vehicle in a side-impact crash. While there have been major safety improvements in vehicles over the last few decades, the human body will likely experience more trauma and a side-impact crash than most other types of incidents on the roadway.

It is not uncommon for our side-impact car accident attorneys in Dallas to see the following injuries as a result of these incidents:

  • A traumatic brain injury when a person’s head strikes the car frame or window
  • Spinal cord and whiplash injuries
  • Internal organ damage and internal bleeding
  • Broken and dislocated bones (particularly on the side the impact occurs)
  • Significant soft tissue damage

How Do These Incidents Occur?

There are various ways that side-impact collisions occur, but some of the most common causes of these incidents include:

  • A driver running a stop sign or stoplight
  • Drivers distracted by their phones or other devices
  • Impaired drivers who disregard traffic laws

Due to the nature of these incidents, they often involve one vehicle slamming into another while traveling at a high speed, therefore increasing the likelihood of significant injuries.

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