Hurt in a Trucking Accident?

A Texas Attorney Helping Trucking Accident Victims

The Law Office of Julie Johnson has been Handling Truck Accident Cases Since 1991

At the Dallas law firm of the Law Office of Julie Johnson, we hesitate to use the term “trucking accident.” Why? Because trucking accidents are rarely “accidents.” Instead, truck crashes are often the almost inevitable result of:

  • Broken laws
  • Ignored regulations
  • Negligent truck care
  • Careless, unqualified truck drivers
Truck Accident Lawyer

More specifically, a majority of truck crashes occur from a handful of driver and transportation errors, including:

  • Inadequate driver training
  • Trucking companies’ performance incentives, which can lead to dangerous pressures on drivers
  • Bad brakes, tire blowouts, jackknife accidents, and other accidents that can occur from poor truck maintenance
  • Drivers who are tired, distracted, drunk, or under the influence of drugs, or who have a record of poor driving

At the Law Office of Julie Johnson, we are skilled and experienced at investigating trucking companies’ and drivers’ legal violations. By examining drivers’ incentives, pay structures, and performance-based bonuses, as well as drivers’ logs, we can work to demonstrate a record of driver fatigue. By examining trucking companies’ records we can work to uncover and prove defective equipment, negligent vehicle upkeep, and improper loading. And by subpoenaing trucking company documents we can work to prove a failure to investigate drivers’ driving records.

Before working directly with insurance companies or, worse, deciding that your trucking injury case is either too complex or too insignificant to warrant a claim, contact us for a no-charge discussion of your case. We can determine whether you have an actionable claim, estimates its likely value, and provide experienced legal representation.

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