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Texas Insurance Fraud Attorney
Helping You Face Insurers When You Claim the Right to Compensation

Insurance companies and insurance lawyers deal with insurance laws, insurance policies, and claims for compensation every day. And, while they build on their knowledge and experience, they also know that you are probably unfamiliar with:

  • The claims process
  • Policies’ coverage, exclusion, and interpretation legalities

The result? Almost all people fighting for their right to compensation under insurance policy coverage are at a disadvantage. This disadvantage can result in:

  • Delays
  • Inadvertent admissions that can weaken your case
  • Low financial settlements that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars

If you have been injured and plan to pursue a claim, why not level the playing field? An experienced personal injury attorney can match insurers’ advantages, resulting in a fair result and save you time and stress in the process.

Attorney Julie Johnson of the Dallas law firm of the Law Office of Julie Johnson has focused her 18-year career on personal injury law. Ms. Johnson brings more than the experience that comes from having handled hundreds of carstrucks, and premises liability accident cases. She brings to your case:

  • Thorough knowledge of Texas personal injury, insurance, and liability laws
  • Thorough knowledge of insurance tactics
  • Almost two decades of litigation experience

We can work effectively to recover your maximum damages for injuries ranging from minor laceration and clean breaks to brain injuries and wrongful death. We recover millions of dollars for our clients every year in a wide range of personal injury cases and can help you effectively pursue your rights and compensation. For a no-charge discussion of your injury case, contact our firm.

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For experienced personal injury and insurance fraud legal help, contact the Dallas law firm of the Law Office of Julie Johnson. We offer free initial consultations, are available for evening and weekend appointments, employ Spanish-speakers, and are conveniently located off of Highway 75. Also, we work exclusively on a contingency-fee-basis, in all practice areas, ensuring that your costs are minimal if we do not win your case. To contact us, call 214-290-8001.

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