What is a squeeze play truck accident?

The squeeze play is characterized by a vehicle becoming trapped between the side of the road/curb and a large truck during a right-hand turn. Squeeze play truck accidents can result in both physical property damage and personal injuries.

How Squeeze Play Happens

The term ‘squeeze play’ is fitting; this accident type occurs when a car is pressed between a truck and another physical barrier, typically a curb. These accidents occur when both vehicles—the large commercial truck and the smaller passenger car—want to make a right-hand turn.

The larger vehicle will usually start to the left, as it requires a larger turning radius to make the turn. Assuming that the truck is switching lanes and continuing to drive straight (based on the truck’s position), the small vehicle will pass the truck on the right-hand side to make its turn. Then, as the tractor-trailer also begins to turn right, the car becomes wedged between the 18-wheeler and a barrier.

Damages from Squeeze Play

A squeeze play truck accident can cause severe damages. When the driver of the passenger car is lucky, he or she may back off before any real harm occurs. When less fortunate, though, the vehicle may become crushed by the truck.

When a passenger car is hit by a truck it almost always results in devastating injuries.

Avoiding Squeeze Play

The easiest way to avoid a squeeze play accident is never to attempt to pass a truck on the right-hand side. If you want to pass a slow-moving giant truck (or any other vehicle), do so on the left. What’s more, always use proper turn signals, and make sure that a truck driver can see you.

Some quick tips on how to avoid a truck accident from squeeze play.

  • Allow a safe following distance: both of the semi’s headlights should be visible in your rearview mirror
  • Don’t drive in a truck driver’s blind spots
  • Watch the truck in conjunction with the turn signals

After a Squeeze Play Truck Accident

In Texas, the law requires that drivers pay for the accidents that they cause, following a traditional fault system. If you or a family member was severely injured in a truck accident in Dallas that wasn’t your fault, make sure you contact a personal injury attorney who will advocate on your behalf.

For help negotiating for a fair settlement amount that adequately covers the extent of your damages, calls the Law Office of Julie Johnson, PLLC. You can contact the office at 214-290-8001.

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