Motorcycle Safety Gear Other Than a Helmet

Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is probably the most important safety precaution that you can take. If you are in a motorcycle accident, your helmet can prevent a traumatic brain injury, and may even save your life. However, your helmet isn’t the only important piece of safety gear that you need to be wearing while riding. Here’s a look at other motorcycle safety gear professionals recommend.

Eye Protection

When riding a motorcycle, don’t forget to protect your eyes. You can protect your eyes using goggles, or by wearing a helmet that has a full-face shield. (As a note, eye protection is not required for motorcycle road riders in Texas but is need under the law if riding off-road).

Face protection is critical, too. As such, choosing a helmet with a full-face shield is often an ideal option. A face shield can protect your face and eyes from the wind, dust, flying debris, and gravel.


You should never assume that you can wear any old pair of sneakers when riding a motorcycle. And even more dangerous, never wear sandals while riding. Instead, you should invest in a sturdy pair of proper motorcycle riding boots. These boots will provide you with tread and traction when stopping and can protect your feet, ankles, and lower legs from heat from the motorcycle, or road burn if you are in an accident.

Long Sleeves, Pants

Wearing long sleeves and long pants when riding is important. If you fall, your skin will be the thing to come in direct contact with the road if it’s not protected. Leather or other abrasion-resistant fabrics are best.


Good riding gloves serve a variety of purposes; they will help to keep your hands warm, can improve your grip and, therefore, your ability to brake, and will also protect the skin on your hands in the event of a fall. Having good riding gloves is one of the most important parts of being a motorcyclist – don’t skip out on this necessity!

Not Just the Gear

Proper riding gear is essential, but knowing how to ride safely in a group, keep your motorcycle maintained, and follow all traffic laws is very critical as well. When you don’t—and when you’re not wearing the right gear—you may suffer from severe injuries.

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