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Traumatizing brain injuries ruin lives. When we stop to think about the person we are, everything goes back to the brain. A single organ runs our memories, thoughts, and the ability to express ourselves.

Are you a great quarterback? Physical endurance aside, it’s your brain that allows you to make quick judgments on the field, throw a pass just right, put that perfect spin on the ball.

Are you a writer? Your brain sends the messages to your fingertips to type. It houses the imagination it takes to create a story.

Are you a child? Your brain is continuously developing. Social skills, navigating middle school, learning what you’re good at and what you love all come back to the brain.

Sophia Munson was a typical 11-year-old girl until a fateful car accident robbed her of the ability to walk and speak in 2019. She suffered a traumatic brain injury that caused a stroke. Then, miraculously, she uttered her first words.

The amount of trauma and heartbreak Sophia and her family have suffered is immeasurable. The Law Office of Julie Johnson, PLLC understands brain injuries are devastating and often have long-term consequences. If you or someone you loved has suffered a brain injury, you need a personal injury lawyer in Dallas, Texas, to recover the damages your family deserves. Don’t take on the financial burden of long-term care and recovery on your own. Don’t spend a moment away from a loved one to fight and negotiate with an insurance company. Spend every precious moment with your family. Let us handle the rest.

An Amazing Start to Recovery

While the country celebrated Memorial Day weekend in 2019, Sophia fought for her life. After 101 days in the hospital, she was released to her family without the ability to walk or speak. A beautiful, healthy young girl should have been outside running with friends and worried about pop quizzes. Instead, she was utterly dependent on her family and had to adjust the way she communicated.

That is until Sophia’s mother put her to bed one-night last month.

“Ma. Mamma.”

Her mother heard her utter her first words since the accident. Now, Sophia is talking in full sentences and hopes to walk on her own one day.

The brain is a funny thing. Something clicked, and now Sophia is making great strides in her recovery.

Traumatizing Brain Injuries Across the US

Brain injuries are a tremendous health problem in the US. Most traumatic brain injuries are the result of motor vehicle accidents, like Sophia Munson. According to a study by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control,

  • Each year, 275,000 people are hospitalized and released with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries)
  • 52,000 deaths are attributed to TBIs
  • Falls for children 0-4 are a leading cause of TBIs
  • Adults 75 and older have the highest rate of TBIs and death
  • 20–24-year-olds have the highest rate of death from a TBI in a motor vehicle accident.

The Law Office of Julie Johnson, PLLC is Here for You

Sophia Munson is a prime example of how hard and difficult recovering from a traumatic brain injury can be. When you have suffered a brain injury, you need a personal injury lawyer in Dallas, Texas. The Law Office of Julie Johnson, PLLC has extensive experience in brain injuries. Our successful attorneys can see that you and your family recover the damages needed for:

  • Loss of wages while you are unable to work
  • Medical bills
  • Ongoing medical care (surgeries, physical and occupational therapy, at-home nursing care)
  • Possible pain and suffering damages

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Personal injury claimPersonal injury claims represent a large area of civil law. It includes car accidents, truck accidents, on-the-job accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, boating accidents, pedestrian accidents, and both medical and dental malpractice (among other types of accidents). It is a civil lawsuit, meaning that no sort of criminal or potentially criminal behavior was involved, where one person is hurt because of the actions of another person. In this post, you’re going to learn about what is needed to prove a personal injury claim. After reading this post, if you believe that you have a valid personal injury claim or if you have questions, call the Law Office of Julie Johnson at 214-290-8001 to schedule your free initial consultation. Our goal is to make sure that you understand whether you have a potential claim, and, if you do, make sure that you know how to protect your legal rights as an accident victim.

Getting injured through no fault of your own takes a toll on you. Your body has been physically injured and it takes time to recover.

Often, a physical injury means doctor bills, medications, and time away from work. Then there’s the emotional toll to consider.

Often, hiring an attorney is your best course of action so you can recoup your losses and move forward in your life.

But if you’ve been injured to the point where you think you need a Dallas personal injury lawyer, there are some things you need to know first. Keep reading to find out.

If you’ve suffered a serious injury as a result of negligence or unsafe property conditions, you may be entitled to compensation. The first step is finding the best attorney to help protect your rights.

A personal injury accident can have a devastating effect on your life. Aside from costly medical bills, you could lose your income and risk slipping into debt. In addition to you, your entire family could suffer as a result of your accident.

If this sounds like the situation you’re currently facing, it’s time to find an attorney who can review your case to determine the best course of legal action. But with so many personal injury lawyers in the D/FW area, how do you know who to work with?

Fortunately, there are some things you can look for when searching for the right Dallas personal injury lawyer.

Have you been injured in an accident? If so, you’re entitled to compensation for your medical bills, the time you had to take off work, and any other expenses related to the injury.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get what you’re owed. You may need to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you and make sure you’re compensated fairly.

In order to hire the right lawyer for your case, read on to learn five important considerations you should keep in mind.

In 2016, Texas experienced 14,202 serious injury crashes. The same year, there was no deathless day in the state.

In most cases, these crashes are usually a result of another person’s fault or negligence. If you or your loved one is involved in such crashes, you’re legally eligible to pursue compensation for the injuries and other losses in Texas.

But before you file your claim, you need to understand how the personal injury lawsuit process in Texas works. This will allow you to meet filing deadlines, ensure accurate paperwork, and determine your claim’s validity.

Read on to learn more.

dallas personal injury attorneys

How to Choose the Best Dallas Personal Injury Attorney

Don’t turn to just any Dallas personal injury attorney for help; look for someone who is experienced in handling personal injury cases.

If you have been injured, having the right representation can make a huge impact on the outcome of your personal injury case.

There are lots of Dallas personal injury attorneys out there. So, how do you know which one that you should choose to represent you?

Hiring a lawyer shouldn’t be taken lightly. You want to be sure that your attorney has the skills to offer you the best services possible.

Here’s how you can find the best personal injury attorney in Dallas to serve you!

When you sustain an injury, the hospital will bill you for any services that it renders. In some cases, these bills may be due well before an accident claim – such as a car accident claim with an insurance company – settles. If the hospital is demanding payment, here are a few ways to pay medical bills before a personal injury settlement:

When you are injured due to another’s negligence in an accident, your injury claim settlement should cover all of your expenses and losses related to your injuries. These are known as compensatory damages, and they typically cover the following types of damages:

  • Medical expenses directly related to your initial injury
  • Lost income from being out of work due to your injuries
  • Property damage (vehicular damage, etc.)
  • Loss of enjoyment of life (pain and suffering damages)
  • Loss of consortium or support (if you lost a close family member)

In a typical personal injury claim with your insurance company, the insurer rarely will consider the long-term effects of a serious, disabling injury. For example, if you are paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident due to a spinal cord injury, you will need special accommodations for the rest of your life. Insurance companies usually pay your current medical expenses, but rarely do they consider what a permanent disability means for future expenses.

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