How to Pay Medical Bills before a Personal Injury Settlement

When you sustain an injury, the hospital will bill you for any services that it renders. In some cases, these bills may be due well before an accident claim – such as a car accident claim with an insurance company – settles. If the hospital is demanding payment, here are a few ways to pay medical bills before a personal injury settlement:

Health Insurance 

Federal law mandates that all persons in the United States carry health insurance. If you are in compliance with the law, then you can turn to your own health insurance company first to pay any pending medical bills that you may have.

Car Insurance 

While you may be waiting for a claim to resolve with the other driver’s car insurance, if you carry certain insurance types on your policy, your own coverage may kick in. Types of coverage that you may use before your accident claim in Texas settles include:

Personal Injury Loans 

If you are in desperate need of money to pay bills and are waiting for a claim to settle, you may find yourself in a bit of a predicament. In some cases, a victim may consider taking out a personal injury loan to provide them with immediate cash.

While taking out a personal injury loan while waiting for a claim to settle may be tempting, doing so is not always recommended; taking out a loan like this often means paying back the loan at a high interest rate.

Further, if your settlement does not yield as much money as you are expecting to receive, you may end up in a bad spot financially. For example, say that you think your claim will yield $100,000. As such, you take out a loan for $100,000. However, your claim only yields $80,000, leaving you with a $20,000 deficit plus interest.

Work With A Texas Personal injury Lawyer Serving You 

If you have large medical bills that you need to pay, consider working with a Texas personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer from the Law Office of Julie Johnson PLLC may be able to get the hospital to put a hold on your account until you are able to finalize a settlement, and can help you to explore different ways of paying your claim.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Julie Johnson PLLC are ready to get to work today. Contact us for a consultation at 214-290-8001.

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