What personal injury claim evidence do I need in Dallas?

If you are filing a personal injury claim, you must prove that another person was responsible for your injuries and that you suffered damages. You must substantiate your claim by presenting personal injury claim evidence to establish negligence as well as of your damages.

Types of Evidence for Your Injury Claim

You can provide proof of the accident’s cause by taking photographs at the scene of the accident. For instance, if you suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident caused by a broken stair or a puddle of water on the floor, take photographs of the broken stair or puddle.

If you were in a car accident, take photographs of the damage to your vehicle and that of the other driver, as well as skid marks and other evidence at the scene. Apart from photographic proof, you can also provide medical reports that act as evidence of your injuries, their cause, and their severity.

Medical reports can include the following:

  • Doctors’ evaluations
  • Diagnostic test results
  • Lab reports
  • X-ray scans
  • MRI scans

An accident report from the police, the store owner, or another appropriate party can be helpful evidence as well. It can document what conditions were present at the time of the accident. Similarly, testimony from eyewitnesses can be important to help you prove what caused the accident.

How Do I Go About Collecting Evidence After An Injury?

It’s hard to collect physical evidence of an accident. For instance, you can’t collect a broken stair that causes you to slip and fall. However, you can collect pictures of the hazard. Take pictures immediately, and in different types of light. If you cannot take photos right after the accident, return later to the scene of the accident or ask someone like a friend else to take pictures.

Take pictures from different angles, and take these immediately after the injury. Waiting too long could result in the defendant fixing the hazard, resulting in loss of evidence.

Call the police if appropriate, such as after a car accident. If you slipped and fell in a store, inform the store manager. The police or the manager or another appropriate party will create an accident report. Make sure you request a copy of the report to use as evidence later.

Ask eyewitnesses for their contact information. This lets you contact them later to get their testimony of what happened and what caused the accident. Don’t wait too long to contact them, though, as their memory of what happened may start to fade with time.

Get help from an attorney to collect this and any other appropriate evidence that could be useful for your case. Call 214-290-8001 to set up a consultation with attorney Julie Johnson from the Law Office Of Julie Johnson if you’re in the Dallas area. You may also use our online contact form to set up a consultation.

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