How do I Figure Out Who is Liable for Injuries?

When you suffer an injury because of the negligence of another party, that party can be held liable for injuries by filing a personal injury claim. Depending on the type of accident and the circumstances surrounding your injuries, there are many parties that could be liable for paying your damages.

The following are examples of different potentially liable parties for some common personal injury accidents. If you do not see your particular type of accident mentioned in this article, contact our office to discuss your options.

Car Accident Liability

Frequently, car accidents happen because fellow drivers make mistakes. Then, you use the insurance company as a tool to make the negligent party pay for your injuries. However, negligent motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists can also be made accountable for causing accidents if they suddenly pull out in front of your car.

If your accident involved a commercial vehicle such as a semi-truck or tanker truck, then there are additional liable parties possible in your claim. The trucking company that owns the truck or employs the driver could handle allowing a driver to drive beyond their approved schedule of hours.

Another common liability issue is when truck companies fail to maintain the semi truck and a truck malfunction causes a crash. If improperly loaded cargo came undone then you can hold the cargo loading or supplying company at fault. Read more on the truck accident claims process. 

Premises Liability (Slip and Fall Accident)

When you slip, trip, or fall on another’s property, you can typically hold the property owner liable. However, there are some exceptions such as when the property owner hired a landscaping company or caretaker to maintain the property. If services are contract-based, then that party will be responsible.

Injuries sustained on government property such as tripping on a city sidewalk or your child falling off a broken slide at a neighborhood playground can be difficult liability cases. The government is technically liable for the upkeep of public spaces like playgrounds and amenities like sidewalks. But filing a claim against the government can be difficult without the help of an attorney.

Dangerous or Defective Product Liability

Consumer goods with faulty designs or parts cause harm to thousands of Americans every year. From prescription drugs to automobiles, even children’s toys and household décor can all cause injury If the item is defective or improperly manufactured. If a product causes you harm under normal use, you may be able to hold the product manufacturer liable.

Medical Malpractice Liability

In cases of medical malpractice the medical professional who directly caused the injury may be held liable for your damages. However, in extensive medical care networks like hospitals, multiple parties may be responsible for your wounds. It is not unheard of to hold entire hospital systems accountable, as well as individual hospital groups such as the surgical team or pharmacy.

Let Dallas Attorney Julie Johnson Assess Who is Liable for Your Injuries

Before you accuse any other party of negligence make sure you have the right evidence and procedure for filing a formal complaint. Contact The Law Office of Julie Johnson today to schedule a consultation regarding your case. 214-290-8001.

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