5 Personal Injury Claim Tips to Keep Your Documents and Appointments Organized

Even before filing a personal injury claim, it’s important to start collecting and organizing documents and appointments. This can prevent an injured victim from losing valuable information or forgetting critical points about the accident. Keep in mind these five personal injury claim tips that can help keep everything organized and in order.

Keeping Documents Organized: Use File Folders and a Three-Ring Binder

A proof will be required in order to show someone else was negligent. The type of evidence will depend on the type of claim it is. But no matter what kind of personal injury claim you’re filing, keeping it all organized will be a huge benefit.

Tip one: use file folders.  Label each file folder appropriately for easy access and sorting.

Examples of common file folders you might keep include: 

  • “Medical Bills”;
  • “Car Repair Receipts”;
  • “Photographs of Injuries”; and
  • “Medical Records.”

Keep all receipts, bills, estimates, and other documentation in the appropriate folder. If in doubt, save it; you never know when certain documentation will be useful.

Tip two: use a three-ring binder. This is easier to carry around than a small filing box, though if you have a lot of documents, you may be better off with the file box. If you’re able to use the three-ring binder, separate each file by tabs so you can flip through easily when meeting with your attorney and referencing various documents.

Keeping Appointments Organized: Journal, Pocket Calendar, Smartphone

In addition to keeping paperwork organized, make sure you streamline appointments with doctors, insurance companies, and legal counsel. This leads to the third tip, which can help not only keep track of appointments but can be useful to document the progress of injuries and the case, too.

Tip three: use a journal. In one location, record all appointments, including notes on what happened and what you discussed with the doctor, attorney, insurance adjuster, etc.

You can also use the journal to: 

  • Chart progress of injuries;
  • Keep track of pain; and
  • Document time away from work while unable to work because of your injuries.

Tip four: use a pocket calendar. This makes it easy to write down all appointments at a moment’s notice and refer back to them when questioned about dates and times. Of course, you could go a little more high-tech with your pocket calendar, which brings up the fifth and final tip.

Tip five: use a smartphone to keep appointments. Calendar applications are great for organizing appointments and offer the added benefit of reminders, both audio alarms and text-based. Some smartphones even allow users to click on a date in an email to quickly add it to their calendar. You can even sync some apps with other smartphone users, which may be helpful if you need someone to drive you to doctor appointments.

Get Legal Help After a Serious Accident

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