Why Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Got into a car accident?

Don’t handle it alone! Seek a lawyer for advice. It might sound expensive but the truth is you’ll save more money and achieve better results than you would without one.

Remember that getting injured because of a car crash due to other people’s negligence makes you entitled to compensation. Your insurance company’s goal is to reduce your claim’s value or dismiss it. To secure your claim, you need to get a lawyer to get the best legal options.

Attorneys can help you protect your claim from both the insurers and the lawyer of the opposing party. They help prevent them from discrediting your car-related injury. It ensures that you get the compensation you deserve especially if you have lasting injuries.

Here are some reasons for you to hire a car accident lawyer.

They Have the Professional Knowledge of the Law

When you get a qualified attorney to represent you, they have a deep understanding of how the personal injury and traffic laws work in Texas. They know the legal framework and formulate a solution that benefits you the most.

Your attorney’s knowledge is indispensable. They can use it in order to prove that the other party is the one responsible for causing the accident. They know which traffic laws got broken and identify which actions they can consider as negligence.

A good car accident lawyer’s knowledge of Texas’s legal system increases your chances of getting your life back on track. It helps you recover from the financial loss you get from your injuries.

They Can Communicate and Negotiate With Insurance Companies

A lot of insurance companies use tactics that affect your claims.

These methods involve using your words against you and make you at fault. They want to discredit you and make it seem that your injury isn’t related to the accident–that it happened at a different time.

This is crucial because in Texas, the person at fault covers the damages. It’s part of the state’s insurance policies.

An experienced car accident lawyer knows how to handle these and advises you when handling an adjuster. They’re familiar with all the unfair practices used by insurance companies and their lawyers. They can talk to your insurance company and make sure that you get the treatment you deserve.

Getting a lawyer means you can negotiate a fair settlement. They’ll ensure that it reflects the suffering and financial damages you endured.

They Can File Your Claim within Texas's Statute of Limitations

You need to file your claim in the court before Texas’s two-year statute of limitation is over.

If you fail to do so, you won’t receive compensation for your personal injury. You need to follow this legal requirement and give your claim before the deadline. It might seem a long time, but if you don’t know how to file it, you might not be able to submit the requirements in time.

A good car accident lawyer knows what to do when it comes to filing your claim. They work fast to make sure that it’s filed in court in accordance with Texas’s statute of limitations.

They Can Make an Accurate Estimate of Your Total Damages

Once you file your car accident claim, the insurance company will send an initial offer in an attempt to settle your claim as quickly as they can. It might seem like a great offer at first, but you shouldn’t accept it. At least, until you know the real value of the damages you sustained from the accident.

If you get a car accident lawyer, they can review your case to get an accurate estimate of the value of your injury. Some of the factors they’ll look into include:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Past and future income
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages

The more experienced the attorney is, the more accurate their estimate is when it comes to the value of your claim. They represented a lot of car accident victims, which makes them more than able to handle your case.

They Can Prove that the Other Party has Liability

To get compensation, you need to make a strong case to support it. The best way to do this is to hire a car accident attorney that knows how to make compelling arguments for your accident claim. They can help prove that the at-fault party’s negligence caused your injuries.

They need to prove that they had a duty to ensure your safety and that they violated this duty. Your injuries should be the result of this negligence and that you suffered damages because of it. A good lawyer can make a strong case through listening to your story and researching your circumstance.

When to Get a Lawyer

The best time to get a lawyer is when the fault isn’t clearly established. When the police report isn’t accurate and puts you at fault, you need an attorney to clear it up. The party at fault is responsible for all the damages.

Knowing who’s at fault is important when you sustain long-term or permanent injuries. These types of injuries have a severe effect on your ability to get employment. It makes your life worse and you’re less likely to retain your job in the long run.

It’s hard to prove your long-term and permanent injuries on your own. If you get a car accident lawyer, you can expect them to consult with all the medical professionals who helped you. They might ask them to testify during the legal proceedings to prove your life-changing injuries.

How to Find the Right Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve suffered a serious injury as a result of negligence or unsafe property conditions, you may be entitled to compensation. The first step is finding the best attorney to help protect your rights.

A personal injury accident can have a devastating effect on your life. Aside from costly medical bills, you could lose your income and risk slipping into debt. In addition to you, your entire family could suffer as a result of your accident.

If this sounds like the situation you’re currently facing, it’s time to find an attorney who can review your case to determine the best course of legal action. But with so many personal injury lawyers in the D/FW area, how do you know who to work with?

Fortunately, there are some things you can look for when searching for the right Dallas personal injury lawyer.

Understanding Texas Personal Injury Laws

Getting injured through no fault of your own takes a toll on you. Your body has been physically injured and it takes time to recover.

Often, a physical injury means doctors bills, medications, and time away from work. Then there’s the emotional toll to consider.

Often, hiring an attorney is your best course of action so you can recoup your losses and move forward in your life.

But if you’ve been injured to the point where you think you need a Dallas personal injury lawyer, there are some things you need to know first. Keep reading to find out.

Who Should you Choose for a Dallas Personal Injury Attorney?
5 Tips to Choose the Right One for You

Choosing the wrong lawyer can cost you in a lot of ways. When you’ve been injured, you need to find a top-rated attorney that won’t waste your time or money and will make your experience as smooth as possible.

Following these steps can make sure you get the representation that you deserve.

1. How to Narrow Your Search

When choosing the best lawyer to fit your legal needs, candidate interviews can be an effective way to narrow your search.

Forbes recommends that you identify at least three attorneys to interview as potential prospects.

First, when choosing Dallas personal injury attorneys to include as candidates, make sure that they offer the specific services that you need.

Then, check your State Bar Association’s website to make sure that they haven’t had any disciplinary actions taken against them.

2. Questions to Ask During Interviews

When you have identified potential candidates, knowing what to ask them can help guide you in making the right choice.

When conducting interviews with Dallas personal injury lawyers, their answers to the following questions can be instrumental in making your final decision.

  • Who Will I Work With?
    Oftentimes, a practice might have a group of attorneys that work with their clients. In some cases, the person that you interview may not be the person that is assigned to work with you. Find out exactly who will be working with you and request to meet with that person specifically before making your decision. When you hire a partner, they might choose a less experienced junior partner to assign to your case. Furthermore, just because you connect with one attorney in a practice, doesn’t mean you will feel equally compatible with all of the attorneys working in the practice. You want to be sure that you feel comfortable with the exact person that will be representing you.
  • Credentials and Experience
    While all Dallas personal injury attorneys are required to pass the bar, some might have additional credentials or experience that lend to their suitability.
  • Payment for Services
    Most Dallas personal injury attorneys will be paid off of a percentage of your settlement. However, they may or may not require an upfront retainer. Find out the exact method of payment expected, including percentage rate and when payment is required.
  • How Do They Feel About Your Case?
    While an initial meeting isn’t the time to review every detail of your case, you should offer candidates a general summary of your circumstances. They probably won’t be able to guarantee the outcome, but they will at least be able to tell you if they think your case is legitimate and if they feel confident in providing you with representation. In the event that your lawsuit goes to trial, you want to be sure that the attorney you choose believes in your case.

3. Check The Martindale-Hubbard Law Directory

You can access the Martindale-Hubbard Law directory online or at your local library. It includes virtually all Dallas personal injury attorneys, as well as practically every major attorney in the United States and Canada.

The directory offers profiles on lawyers, which contains a detailed professional biographical description, as well as customer ratings, peer reviews, and other basic data pertaining to the candidate and their practice.

4. Tour Their Law Firm and Meet Other Staff Members

You can often learn a lot about Dallas personal injury attorneys by touring their law firm and meeting other staff members, such as their receptionist, secretary, partners, and paralegals.

Be careful not to judge their effectiveness by the size of their practice. 63% of law firms employ ten attorneys or less. And, there are exceptional practices that include just one or two lawyers.

However, you can make observations based on their standards and professionalism based on their office and others who work with them.

5. Trust Your Instincts

One of the most important indicators regarding Dallas personal injury attorneys can be your gut instinct.

After meeting and interviewing potential candidates you will most likely have formed some level of internal instinct based on your initial interaction.

Your first impression can tell you a lot about a person, and this holds true even with professionals that you are considering for their services.

If something instinctively signals a red flag, then your gut might be trying to tell you something that could be important going forward.

It’s important that your attorney possess traits such as trustworthiness, dependability, commitment, willingness, and empathy.

Many times these characteristics take time to prove. But, often we can determine a general assessment of someone’s character during the first 30 minutes of meeting them.

Get Your Car Accident Lawyer Today!

You’re not legally required to get a lawyer, but having one at your side can increase your chances of getting compensation.

It’s too much work for you especially if you’re still recovering from your injuries. Getting a good representation helps you cover all the bases you need to make a strong case.

If you need to know your legal options after a car accident, we can help. We give a free, no-obligation consultation that can help you solve your case. We’re committed to excellence and helping people get back on their feet.

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