What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in Dallas

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that over 700,000 patients a year are hospitalized because of fall injuries. Make sure you know what to do after a slip and fall in Dallas to ensure your health and protect your rights. Take the following steps after a slip and fall:

Inform The Property Owner/Manager Of The Slip And Fall 

It is important that you inform the property owner/manager of the slip and fall accident as soon as possible following the injury. Not only does doing so give the property owner or manager a chance to prepare for a civil action and inform his insurance company of the injury – which will likely be responsible for paying out damages – but it also allows the property owner the opportunity to potentially remedy the dangerous situation so that another person does not sustain similar injuries.

Get Contact Information Of Witnesses 

If there were any witnesses to your accident, you should get their contact information as soon as possible. Witness testimony may be a key part of the claim’s process, helping to substantiate your assertion that the accident would not have occurred but for a dangerous situation on the property and the negligence of the property owner.

Note: You do not need to feel pressured to interview witnesses after your accident. Give the witness information to attorney Julie Johnson and she will do it for you.

Take Photos And Seek Medical Care 

If you have a camera or smartphone on you at the time of the accident, snap some photos. These photographs can help to paint a picture of how your accident occurred, and the details of the dangerous condition.

After taking photos, be sure to seek medical care. Be sure to thoroughly document this medical care and follow doctors’ instructions to a T.

Be sure to share any photos and copies of any relevant medical records with Julie Johnson.

Work With A Texas Attorney To Acquire Evidence And File A Claim 

If the property owner’s insurance denies fault in your claim, your financial losses are large, or your injuries are serious, you should hire a slip-and-fall attorney as soon as possible.

Note: Injury victims have two years to file a personal injury claim in Texas.

An attorney from the Law Office of Julie Johnson, PLLC will help you to gather and organize your evidence, guide you through filing your claim, and will negotiate on your behalf for a fair settlement (or take your case to court). 

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