What a Truck Onboard Recording Device Is & Why It’s Important

With every plane crash, news reporters start talking about the “black box” on the plane. If they can find the black box then investigators will be able to determine the cause of the accident. What a lot of people don’t know is that most 18-wheelers or commercial trucks have their own form of a “black box:” the truck onboard recording device.

Event Data Recorders or EDRs can be found on almost every commercial truck on the road. Further, some trucks may have additional data recording devices like GPS tracking and monitoring, and Electronic Driving Logs (EDL).

Just like the black box in the plane accident, they can go a long way in helping determine the cause of commercial accidents. It is important to find an attorney who understands how to access this information and perform the necessary vehicle inspections to ensure proper download and analysis for your case.

If you were injured in a serious truck accident, you were likely taken from the scene in an ambulance, unable to tell your side of the story. In the sad cases where an individual dies, the only testimony regarding how the accident occurred may come from the negligent truck driver trying to cover himself from liability.

This is where the EDR and the information it possesses become incredibly valuable to your case. EDRs can record vehicle speed and driver inputs at the time of the accident.

EDR data from commercial trucks include information about the following.

  • Hard braking
  • Sudden deceleration
  • Quick stops

All of this information is crucial in piecing together the final moments that led up to your accident. Further, if the 18-wheeler involved in your accident had a GPS tracking system or EDL you may find evidence of a driver driving longer than he should and/or falsifying his driving logs.

Unfortunately, there are many truck drivers who disobey the federal limits on hours of service, which puts everybody on the road in danger if the trucker becomes fatigued.

Make sure to find an attorney with experience handling trucking accident cases. Your attorney should have the resources needed to properly download and analyze EDR information, as well as ascertain other important evidence that can help you receive all pertinent types of truck accident compensation.

If you’re in the Dallas area, contact attorney Julie Johnson to set up a consultation so you can discuss your case and review your legal options. Call us today at 214-290-8001.

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