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Nobody should ever have to worry about serious injuries when they go to work each day. However, work injuries are a regular occurrence, particularly in certain high-risk industries. This was proven true in a recent accident at a Dallas construction site when one man lost his life. At the Law Office of Julie Johnson, our team is ready to help anyone who sustains an injury at work but struggles to receive the compensation they deserve. Our Dallas construction accident lawyers are ready to investigate your case today.

construction crane accidentAn apartment building at Elan City Lights complex was crushed after a Dallas storm caused a construction crane to unexpectedly collapse. Several floors of the building were crushed as well as a parking garage. Jason Evans, Dallas Fire-Rescue, stated to reporters that five people were in serious and critical condition and that one person was killed. The reported death was a woman who was inside of the apartment building that was crushed. It is believed that the crane collapsed from high winds during a thunderstorm. According to the National Weather Service, the wind speeds likely exceeded 70 miles per hour.

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