Pedestrian Accidents in Dallas: Living with Broken Bones and Bone Fractures

One of the more common types of injuries to sustain in a pedestrian accident is broken bones. Certain parts of the body have a higher incidence of fractures, with a variety of factors that can impact the severity of those injuries.

Common Types of Fractures Sustained in a Pedestrian Accident

The most common are those to the lower extremities, especially to the tibia (shinbone) fibula (calf), and femur (thigh). Upper extremity fractures tend to occur with the humerus (forelimb/upper arm), ulna (elbow bone), radius (larger of two bones in the forearm), hand, and wrist. Other types of fractures sustained in a pedestrian accident include the spine, pelvis, and ribs.

Factors That Impact Severity of Fractures in a Pedestrian Accident

A broken bone accident can be further complicated by severe bone fracture accidents, loss of consciousness, and when there have been multiple injuries. The nature of the collision can also affect the outcome—such as speed (the higher the vehicle’s speed the greater chance of severe injuries), type of vehicle (larger ones are likely to cause more damage), and the main point of contact with the vehicle (getting struck head-on has a greater chance of causing serious injuries).

Fractures are more severe for older adults (55 years and up). They have a higher rate of bilateral fractures (such as both legs) and multiple fractures (such as an arm and leg). Osteoporosis can also be a factor since bones are already brittle.

Types of Fractures Sustained in a Pedestrian Accident

The type of bone fracture accident also impacts severity. For instance, a displaced fracture snaps the bone in half or sometimes into multiple pieces (called a comminuted fracture). In a closed fracture, the bone breaks but doesn’t puncture through the skin, whereas an open fracture does. This also poses the risk of infection, which can be life-threatening.

It’s not only the bone that can be concerning in a break. If tissue nearby has been injured, this can complicate matters. For instance, the nerves or blood vessels may have been damaged. Recovery could be much longer.

Broken Bone Accident: Damages That May Be Available

For some accident victims, the healing process takes a few weeks. But for others, it can take months, or it may even cause permanent disability. Some will deal with chronic pain and difficulty moving about. All of this will play into the types of damages that can be sought when a pedestrian collision was the fault of someone else.

It’s important to discuss your case with an attorney right away. Consideration will be made regarding the number of medical bills that have been acquired. Not only initial treatment received in an emergency department but other care such as hospitalization, surgery, or even rehabilitation.

For those who have missed time from work, compensation may be available. Or if the injuries were so severe the person is now disabled, earning capacity might be recoverable. Pain and suffering, mental anguish, reduced quality of life, and emotional distress are examples of other damages that could be sought.

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