Motorcycle Safety Gear to Protect You from Injury

Texas helmet laws require use for motorcycle riders under 21 and only allow exemptions for adult riders if they have passed a safety course or have proof of health insurance. It’s definitely an important piece of motorcycle safety gear, but it’s just one of many types of equipment that can help protect you from serious injury in a motorcycle crash.

Your bike is your first line of defense in avoiding an accident. Recent advances in motorcycle safety have resulted in enhanced features and equipment for your bike.

A recent Esurance blog pointed out some of these recent advancements in motorcycle safety, such as: 

Airbags: The Honda Gold Wing has an onboard airbag, but most airbag systems attach to the rider and are activated by the bike. Special airbag suits activate when the suit detaches abruptly from the bike; the added cushion helps protect against road rash and blunt trauma.

High-Tech Lights: Many newer bikes have special adaptive headlights that follow the bike’s lean angle to illuminate a better path. Brake lights have also gotten smarter and are becoming quicker to respond to the sudden stops motorcycles can make. 

Anti-Lock Brakes: A standard on cars, they’re now becoming popular on motorcycles. Studies have shown that an anti-lock braking system can help reduce fatal motorcycle collisions by 31 percent, and preventing collisions is the first step in preventing injury!

While these features are more readily available for new bikes, owners of older motorcycles should still pay attention to their current safety gear to make sure it’s working properly. Before riding, always check your lights and perform a test ride around the block to make sure everything is in working order. If something doesn’t look or feel right, get it inspected before riding for any distance.

There’s more to motorcycle safety than just your bike – personal safety gear like helmets, jackets, and boots help protect you from injury in the event of a crash. Of course, defensive driving is also a big part of safe riding, especially when drivers are negligent in watching for motorcyclists.

Even the Safest Bikers Can Get into a Serious Accident

The unfortunate truth about motorcycle riding is that even the most well-protected, experienced rider could be injured when a negligent driver causes an unavoidable accident. In times like these, it’s important to have an attorney on your side. Contact The Law Office of Julie Johnson at 214-290-8001 to schedule a free consultation regarding your case.

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