Motorcycle Road Rash Warning: These Injuries Cause Lasting Scars

The term “road rash” refers to the kind of burn injuries and abrasions that result from a common motorcycle accident when a Dallas motorcyclist is thrown or falls off of a motorcycle and slides across the road. Motorcycle road rash results in open wounds, cuts, abrasions, and lacerations. While road rash may seem negligible to many bikers, it can cause lasting scarring, pockmarking, or darkened patches of skin. 

Types of Road Rash Injuries

Typically, a motorcyclist may suffer the following types of road rash injuries

  • Loss of surface skin, leading to hyperpigmentation as it heals
  • Abrasions, involving cracks in the skin that are painful, red and inflamed
  • Cuts in which the skin may split open, damaging blood vessels
  • Lacerations in which there is a deep wound that cuts right through the skin to the flesh and underlying issues.

Any time a motorcyclist suffers an open cut, pieces of debris, soil, germs, and organisms on the ground are a threat. That increases the risk of infection. Therefore, treatment doesn’t simply involve waiting for the wounds to heal on their own. It involves a visit to the doctor, antibiotics, and possibly other medical treatments to ensure infection prevention, and smooth healing of the wound.

Consequences of Road Rash

The wound may feel tender, inflamed, and swollen. However, even more, serious are the long-term consequences of these injuries.

When abrasions and lacerations begin to heal, they may heal unevenly, leaving the skin with scars. These scars may never completely heal, and your skin may never regain its early texture, even with cosmetic surgery. If the injury has occurred in areas of the body that are easily visible as the face, hands, arms, and neck, then the injuries could leave you with long-term disfigurement.

Claiming Compensation for Road Rash

If you have sustained road rash in a Dallas motorcycle accident, your claim for compensation should address all of the following:

  • Medical expenses 
  • Compensation for future treatment of the scarring that you will likely suffer 
  • Paid leave from work as you heal

You may even need to change jobs. For instance, if you have suffered facial scarring, you may find it difficult to return to your previous job if you worked with the public regularly. In turn, this may compromise your earning potential.

To learn how to quantify all of these damages, speak with Dallas motorcycle accident lawyer Julie Johnson at 214-290-8001. You can also schedule a consultation by filling out the contact form.

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