If I Only Sustained Minor Injuries in a Car Accident, Do I Need an Attorney to File a Claim?

If you suffered just minor injuries in a car accident in the Dallas area, you probably do not need a lawyer to help you file your accident claim and recover compensation. It’s typically when damages start to reach several thousands of dollars that attorney help is required.

Steps after Minor Accidents

Contact your insurance agency as well as the other driver’s insurance company to notify them of the accident. You will also notify the other insurer’s company that you will be filing a claim.

Always seek medical attention after an accident even if you don’t require emergency care. See a doctor for evaluation shortly after the accident, as some injuries may not manifest right away. You may have some minor medical bills after such an accident, but you may be able to recover compensation on your own without an attorney.

Also, obtain repair estimates for your property damages. The adjuster may offer a certain amount of compensation to cover your repairs; get your own estimates from repair shops you trust and use that as a basis for whether the insurance company’s offer is fair.

Once damages start to reach a high amount or your injuries are more severe than you suspected, you may have to seek help from an attorney to recover fair compensation.

Handling an Insurance Adjuster on Your Own

Many people prefer to hire an attorney to deal with the insurance adjuster, and in cases of serious injuries or significant damages that total several thousands of dollars and more, hiring an attorney is a good idea.

If you’re handling the insurer on your own after a minor accident, be wary of sharing too many details of your injuries until you fully understand their extent. If you suffered minor injuries, you should be able to recover in a few days or a couple of weeks with no lingering effects.

Do not say anything that might indicate you were at fault. Per Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §33.001, the state follows a modified comparative negligence law that bars claimants from recovering damages if more than 50 percent is responsible for the accident and injuries.

Any fault under 50 percent will be deducted from your compensation so make sure you provide:

  • Photographs;
  • An accident report; and
  • Eyewitness testimony regarding the other party’s fault for the accident.

This can help prove the other party’s insurer is liable for damages and can avoid the insurer trying to hike up your own liability if you have adequate evidence.

Get Help if Your Injuries are Severe or You Suffer Significant Damages

If you have suffered serious injuries or significant damages in a car wreck in Dallas, contact the Law Offices of Julie Johnson today at 214-290-8001 to schedule your free consultation about filing your claim and more. An attorney can be vital to recovering fair compensation if you are entitled to a more substantial settlement to cover extensive medical bills, lost wages, long-term recovery, and pain and suffering.

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