Hurt at Work? 5 Reasons to Hire a Work Injury Attorney

Every year, approximately 6 million people suffer non-fatal injuries in the workplace. While a number of these injuries are minor, many leave individuals out of work and struggling to pay their medical bills.

A serious work injury can leave you and your family in a desperate situation. Aside from the financial strain, a disability could affect your ability to get back to work. You may even have an injury you’ll never fully recover from.

Whether your employer has workers’ compensation insurance or you got fired after your injury, you’ll need the help of a qualified work injury attorney.

If you’re thinking about trying to handle the workers’ compensation claim yourself, you may want to think again. It could be a long and arduous process and you’ll need some help along the way.

Let’s look at five reasons you need to find a personal injury attorney.

1. Navigate the Workers' Comp Process

When you’re injured on the job, there’s a pretty good chance you can make a workers’ compensation claim. Most employers carry this type of insurance, and the benefits get paid out by the state, regardless of who was at fault.

These benefits cover medical bills and a portion of the income you lose if the injury puts you out of work. This all sounds pretty good so far, right?

Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation process is very complicated. And if you’re simultaneously suffering from the effects of a severe injury, it can seem impossible.

A work injury attorney can evaluate your situation and help guide you through a workers’ compensation claim. They can also determine the proper legal action if a third party played a part in your accident.

You may also find that even after filing a claim, the benefits you’re paid aren’t enough to cover medical bills and lost wages. Hiring a lawyer ensures your rights are protected and someone is fighting you get you the compensation you deserve.

2. Experience With Workplace Injuries

Each work injury is different. There could be instances of negligence on the part of an employer. Or, other liability issues may come into play.

Hiring a workplace injury attorney means you’re working with someone who’s seen a wide range of injuries and situations. As a result of this experience, they’ll be able to evaluate your case and determine the best course of action.

The industrial sector accounts for a huge number of on-the-job injuries. Due to the nature of the work, these often include liability factors such as inadequate safety measures, poor equipment maintenance, or lack of training on the part of the employer.

You need an attorney who can determine where the fault lies and if negligence played a part in your injury. This could drastically change the amount of compensation coming your way.

Your case may also require extensive knowledge of OSHA safety regulations. A skilled work injury attorney will have this knowledge and bring it to your case.

3. Your Employer Doesn't Carry Workers' Compensation

While most employers take care to provide workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, there are some who don’t. It’s a horrible feeling to go through a serious injury at work only to find out you’re not covered.

In this case, hiring a work injury attorney is absolutely necessary. Why?

If your employer doesn’t carry workers’ comp, there a few possible routes you can take. Both require an attorney.

First, you may sue your employer for not having the proper insurance. This may be the only way you can receive compensation for your injuries, so you’ll need an attorney to represent you in court.

Second, if negligence was a factor or a third party was responsible for your accident, you could file a personal injury claim. An attorney will work to win damages for medical bills, lost wages, and other trauma suffered in the accident.

If you find out your employer doesn’t carry workers’ compensation insurance, you need to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer right away.

4. You Got Fired After an Injury on the Job

If you got fired after an injury on the job, you’re probably feeling like all your options have disappeared. Fortunately, a work injury attorney can help you secure proper compensation.

Now, it’s important to note that your employer can’t put a halt to your workers’ compensation benefits, even after they fire you. However, you may need an attorney to help ensure you remain protected.

Many factors may come into play with regard to your benefits after termination. These could include the date of your injury, when you got fired, and when you filed the workers’ comp claim.

If you’re denied benefits, an attorney will need to evaluate all these details to uncover wrongdoing. They can also take action if your benefits get reduced as a result of you getting fired.

You’ll also need legal representation if you feel you were fired unjustly. An unjust termination after an injury is referred to as employer retaliation.

If your attorney feels retaliation has happened, you may be able to take legal action to get the compensation you’re entitled to.

5. You'll Pay Nothing Until the Case Gets Settled

After an accident on the job, you’re most likely under a lot of financial pressure. The last thing you want to think about is paying legal fees in order to protect yourself.

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay them nothing until you receive damages in your case.

It’s important to keep in mind that many people injured on the job get pressured to take a settlement that’s entirely too low. If this happens to you, it’s extremely important you speak with an attorney.

It’s likely your lawyer can fight to get the compensation that far exceeds the settlement offer. Plus, you’ll pay nothing out of pocket for the attorney’s work.

Let a Work Injury Attorney Protect Your Rights

Your future may be at stake after a severe workplace injury. It may not feel like it at the time, but you have rights.

The workers’ compensation process presents many challenges. An experienced personal injury lawyer will use their expertise to move you through the process and get the compensation you deserve.

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