For-Profit School Fraud

A disturbing trend has surfaced in the for-profit education industry. Stories of students being misled about program certification, transferability of credits, and enormous loan burdens seem to be in the news every month. Students that don’t get the education they bargained for are left with a mountain of debt and are still unqualified for the jobs they sought. As a result, these students often are unable to pay back the money they borrowed. When students do not make payments on their federal loans and the loans are in default, the federal government and taxpayers assume nearly all the risk and are left with the costs. The only winners are the for-profits that reap millions in profit from the taxpayers they exploit.

Not all for-profits are bad actors, some are forthright about their programs and the costs associated with them. If you have questions on whether or not your school has committed education fraud to consider the following:

Accreditation and Credits Transfer Fraud

For-profit schools often cite that they are accredited by the National Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). However, many schools and public college systems disregard this rating, and will not recognize credits and degrees from many for-profit schools.

Career School and On-Line College Fraud

For-profit trade schools, career schools, and on-line schools often employ salespeople that work on commission. These salespeople areas susceptible to temptations of fraud and misrepresentation as are salespeople in other industries. They can provide incorrect information regarding key factors students consider when choosing a school and career path.

Licensure and Job Placement Education Fraud

Licensure fraud involves schools making untrue claims regarding licensure or certification claims for graduates, or failing to adequately explain licensing limitations for graduates. Job placement fraud involves schools making false statements regarding job placement rates for graduates.

These are typical problems I have seen while representing victimized students at disreputable for-profit institutions. If you are a graduate of for-profit and suspect your school exaggerated employment opportunities or job placement rates; feel your school misled you regarding its accreditation, the transferability of credits, or the qualifications of its programs; or have questions regarding possible education fraud, then contact the Law Office of Julie Johnson.

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