Did I Need To Buy All These Extra Items With My Car?

Often when buyers have made the decision to buy a new car they begin to think with their emotions and become easy prey for unscrupulous car dealers. A consumer in this position may fall victim to a practice known as “padding” or “packing.” A dealer may quote an unnecessarily high monthly payment. If the buyer agrees with it, the shady dealer will go back and add extras like fabric protection, alarm systems, diamond ultra coat paint armor, unwanted GAP insurance, or whatever he can come up with. After the price of these often overpriced, high-profit items are added into the amount financed for the car itself the monthly payment conveniently adds up to the previously quoted amount. Car dealers who engage in these practices without full disclosure to the customer engage in fraud.

The buyer may never be told these optional items were added or may be told they are “free” with the purchase. The bottom line is that these items are often added to increase the profit margin for the dealer and not to benefit the buyer. The buyer may actually want some of the items, but should always have the option of deciding for himself and should not be deceived about the price of the extras. If you notice extra items that you don’t want to ask questions, or just refuse to buy the vehicle with them. If the dealer will not accommodate you take your business elsewhere.

The Law Office of Julie Johnson is dedicated to the protection of consumer rights. If you have been victimized through questionable dealer practices please feel free to contact us form.

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