The Cost of a Broken Arm or Leg from a Car Accident

Broken bones are one of the most common results of car accidents, but you should not take them lightly. Most breaks are easy to heal and only require a few weeks in a cast, but others can require surgery and pins to properly reset the breaker. Every broken bone case will result in different amounts of expenses and losses; be sure to consider the full cost of a broken arm or leg in your settlement demands.

The Basic Costs of Broken Bones

A broken arm or leg will first rack up medical bills for services such as:

  • X-rays
  • Resetting the bone
  • Cast or bandaging
  • Crutches, sling, or wheelchair
  • Surgery to install a stabilization rod or pins
  • Pain medications
  • Follow-up appointments

A medical report published in the Journal of Medical Economics by Truven Health Analytics took a look at the average cost of several types of common bone fracture injuries. The study found that smaller bones such as the radius incurred lower direct costs than a larger bone such as the hip, costing approximately $3,291 and $12,923 respectively.

Medical costs will also depend upon how long you must remain in the hospital and whether or not you will need physical therapy after the fracture heals.

Extended Costs of Broken Bones

Medical costs are not the only financial matter that arises from a broken arm or leg. You will likely be out at least a few days from work to allow for the initial healing, and the time out of work could be up to 6 to 8 weeks for a broken leg. Lost wages are one of the extra costs accrued with a broken bone, the cost of which may rise drastically if your broken bone keeps you from returning to work due to the nature of your job.

Keep in mind that these damages are recoverable through a car accident claim if you have evidence that another party’s negligence was to blame for your injuries. When filing your claim, you must also take into consideration the potential for long-term effects of the broken bone.

Even after a fracture heals, it can cause weakness in the limb, nerve damage, mobility issues, and also leave you more prone to future breaks. If the doctor did not properly set the bone during the first appointment, he may have to re-break and set it again at a later examination. Make sure to consider all of these costs in order to obtain full value for your damages.

Julie Johnson Helps You Seek a Settlement to Fairly Cover Your Damages

Many people write off broken arms and legs as common injuries and therefore do not think they are worth a substantial settlement. However, if you suffered a fractured bone in a car accident that was the fault of another driver, you are entitled to seek full compensation for your injuries and losses through a claim with his insurance company.

Before you accept a settlement or if the insurer denied your claim, talk to a Dallas car accident attorney at the Law Office of Julie Johnson, PLLC.

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