Common Car Accident Injuries

The outcome of every car accident in Dallas is different. Some people walk away without a scratch. But others aren’t so lucky and sustain varying degrees of injury. Most will eventually heal but there are some that could result in disability or chronic health problems. Below are some examples of common injuries.

Common Types of Injuries Sustained in a Car Accident

Head injuries: Head injuries are either open or closed. With an open head injury, the skull can be fractured. And there may be significant wounds to the scalp. With a closed head injury, there might not be any outward signs of damage but the individual could have suffered a concussion or a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

There could also be bleeding on the brain, fluid buildup, or swelling when the head is injured. The person’s recovery depends on whether it was a mild, moderate, or severe injury.

Neck injuries: Whiplash is the most common type of neck injury in an accident, especially in a rear-end crash. Although most people eventually recover from whiplash, some live with debilitating pain long-term. Other types of neck injuries include relatively minor strains and sprains, pinched nerves, and a herniated disc.

Back injuries: Even a minor jolt in a car accident can throw a person’s back out of whack. These are very common types of injuries to sustain, sometimes affecting muscles, nerves, ligaments, tendons, and discs.

Discs that slip or rupture could put pressure on nearby nerves, intensifying pain. If the spinal cord is damaged in the accident, the patient might experience paralysis below the point of injury.

Emotional/psychological injuries: Physical injuries are just one aspect of a car accident. Many times injured persons will suffer emotionally as well, especially if it was a serious accident that resulted in significant bodily harm.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is one example of a psychological condition that car accident victims can develop. This can cause the person to relive the events of the crash over and over again, significantly intruding on his/her life. Other types of emotional or psychological injuries include anxiety, depression, and fear. Although these injuries may not be readily and outwardly apparent, they can be just as devastating as the physical wounds.

Connecting Injuries to a Car Accident

Accident victims in Dallas who plan to pursue compensation for their damages and injuries in a claim or lawsuit must establish that their injuries are related to the accident. In some cases, this may be relatively straightforward. However, in some cases, claimants or plaintiffs must provide adequate medical proof of causation or proof of the severity and impact of injuries.

Proof of causation can include: 

  • Expert medical testimony;
  • The patient’s medical records; and
  • Records of required rehabilitation. 

Other evidence is required to determine accident liability for the car accident. Julie Johnson helps accident victims in and around Dallas collect, organize, and present relevant evidence to help them recover compensation for damages. Set up an appointment: 214-290-8001.

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