6 Things to Do Immediately After a Dallas Car Wreck

car accident formGetting involved in a Dallas car wreck can be a terrifying experience. In the best-case scenario, there’s no damage and everyone is fine. Yet, in most Dallas car wrecks, there is damage to a vehicle as well as injuries to at least one of the people involved. While we hope that you never have to deal with the stress of being in an accident, we’re providing you this list of 6 things to do immediately after one so that you’re prepared.

Ask If Anyone Needs Emergency Medical

The very first thing to do after a car wreck is to determine if anyone in your vehicle or in the other vehicle needs emergency medical care. Injured backs and necks, broken bones, deep lacerations, and possible head injuries are just a few of the main concerns. Even what seems to be a minor neck, back, or head injury can get much worse if it isn’t properly addressed from the very beginning.

Do Not Apologize Or Admit Fault

In our society, it’s very common for individuals to be apologetic when something bad happens. Yet, a simple, “I’m sorry” could be used against you later. So, when you check on others involved in the accident, do not apologize or admit any sort of fault.

Call the Police

The police play an important role in Dallas’s car wrecks. When they arrive on the scene, they will, of course, get the personal and insurance information of the drivers involved. This is helpful for you because you can get the information from the other driver and their insurance for you. This can help cut down on emotional outbursts and dangerous encounters when people are upset.

Additionally, the police will create a police report. This report is relied upon by the insurance companies as well as by your Dallas car wreck lawyer to help determine exactly what happened. If any laws were broken, the police may also issue tickets.

Get Medical Care As Soon As Possible

It’s likely that you don’t feel like you’re hurt at all or that you have a minor issue. Without medical care, minor issues can get much worse. There are also serious issues that may not immediately cause symptoms. When we’re in a stressful situation such as an accident, our bodies release adrenaline and other chemicals into our bloodstream. It’s quite likely you’re hurt and you just don’t feel as much of the pain as you will later.

It’s also important to seek medical care as soon as you can because it can help protect your insurance claim and potential legal claim. If you wait, the insurance companies and the other driver may argue that you weren’t really injured at all. You don’t have to go to the emergency room if you think you’re injury is fairly minor. You can make an appointment with your own doctor or go to urgent care. There are also clinics that work only with individuals involved in car wrecks.

Inform the Insurance Companies

Let your insurance company know about the car wreck as soon as you reasonably can. You should also contact the other insurance company as well. Although insurance companies are supposed to help victims as they get back to where they were before the wreck, they often give low-ball offers or deny your claim. If they offer you a settlement, don’t sign it without first talking to a Dallas car wreck lawyer. When you sign a settlement agreement, you’re signing away your right to sue or to collect more money for your injuries or damage to your car.

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