Safety Tips for Riding a Motorcycle with a Passenger

Riding a motorcycle with a friend, family member, or date can be even more fun than riding solo. But, when riding a motorcycle with a passenger, you have a greater responsibility to drive responsibly. If your passenger suffers road rash or other injuries while you’re driving, you will likely be footing his or her hospital bills. Here are a few tips for safely riding your motorcycle with a passenger in Dallas.

Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

A motorcycle safety course is a great way for you to learn more about your bike, how to ride safely when you have a passenger in tow, and other basic techniques. Not only is a safety course a good idea, but you have to complete a course in motorcycle safety before you can get a motorcycle license in Texas.

Even if you’ve gone through the basic safety course, registering for a more advanced course is a great way to hone your skills and master taking tight turns.

Prepare Your Bike Properly

If your bike is set up for only one rider, attempting to fit another one on is not a good idea. Instead, the first thing that you should do is check to make sure that your motorcycle seat is large enough to fit comfortably a second person.

Then, you should install a second set of footpegs, and invest in a second helmet. While it isn’t a law that passengers wear helmets in Texas (unless under age 21), failing to provide your passenger with a helmet can be extremely dangerous.

Talk to Your Passenger

If your passenger has never been on a motorcycle before, have a discussion with him/her first. 

  • Discuss what to expect 
  • Show him/her where to take hold 
  • Point out where s/he can rest her/his feet

Make sure that s/he is comfortable with basic riding before attempting anything riskier, like highway riding.

Slow Down and Exercise Caution

When you have a passenger on your bike, riding will be different. With more weight, your motorcycle won’t handle as it would if you were the sole rider.  

  • Slow down
  • Take turns at a reasonable speed 
  • Give yourself more stopping room 
  • Ride defensively

Learn More About Motorcycle Safety and Accident Prevention

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