Important Slip and Fall Claim Evidence to Collect

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common types of premises liability cases our firm handles. To be successful, you will need to produce strong evidence that proves the property owner is liable. The more evidence you can obtain for your slip and fall claim, the better your chances of a successful case.

What types of evidence can support a slip and fall claim?

When filing a claim, you will need to show that the owner behaved in a way that breached the duty of care he owed you. He must have known or should have known, that a hazard existed and failed to address it or warn you of it. In other words, he must have acted carelessly or negligently.

If at all possible, start collecting evidence while still at the scene of the incident. Some of the most valuable evidence in a slip and fall claim includes the following:

  • Videos: If your injuries occurred in a store or parking lot, the owner may have security camera footage of it. Your lawyer can help you get a copy of any incident footage. Also, everyone has their phones on the ready these days, so if you see someone nearby recording the moment, ask them to text or email you a copy of it.
  • Photos: Take photos of everything related to your slip and fall, e.g., spilled liquids, wet floors, loose flooring, strewn merchandise, shoddy stairwells or entryways, etc.
  • Eyewitness statements: Jot down the name and number of anyone who saw you fall. You can use their statements as proof of what transpired.

After leaving the property and obtaining treatment, continue collecting all records and documents that pertain to your injuries. This includes medical records, statements from doctors, and a daily journal documenting your injuries, your pain levels, and how your accident impacted your life. Share everything you collect with your lawyer.

How do I maximize the compensation I receive? 

Slip and fall accidents can cause substantial injuries, lead to lost work time, and even cause long-term disability. It is important to detail the full extent of your current and future damages on your claim so that you receive appropriate compensation.

For help filing your case and securing compensation, call a slip and fall injury attorney at the Law Office of Julie Johnson, PLLC. Contact us today at 214-290-8001 for a free case evaluation.

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