What Could Be The Cause Of My Lower Back Pain After My Car Accident?

Back pain following an auto accident is not uncommon, however, it can be somewhat difficult to diagnose using common imaging tools. Fortunately, skilled primary care physicians and orthopedic specialists can work with an injury victim to determine the precise underlying cause of lower back pain – which can be especially useful when mounting a claim against the responsible party for compensation. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about lower back pain following an auto accident, followed by advice about the best steps to take in the aftermath of a harrowing car accident.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Lower Back Pain Following A Car Accident?

The back, spine, and neck are highly intricate, which can make it somewhat challenging to specifically isolate the cause of lower back pain. In fact, the spine is comprised of 33 small bones known as vertebrae, each with its own precise position and purpose along the spinal column. During a car accident, tremendous pressure can be placed on the spinal column and all its vertebrae, causing injuries such as the following.

  • Herniation of the tissue-like discs between the vertebrae
  • Disc tear
  • Vertebral fractures
  • Pinched nerve
  • Soft-tissue trauma
  • Formation of scar tissue

What Treatments Are Necessary To Correct These Lower Back Issues?

Lower back pain can take several months – or even years – to completely correct itself. For some auto accident victims, reconstructive surgery may be necessary to help restore the spine to its original condition. Likewise, victims often require extensive and painful physical therapy and rehabilitation services, resulting in missed time from work and reduced quality of life. For some accident victims, the lower back pain never totally subsides, which may require constant pain management and decreased mobility.

This Injury Has Cost Me And My Family Thousands Of Dollars. Can I Recover Some Of What I Lost?

A back injury as a result of an auto accident may be compensable under the laws of negligence, which offer victims a chance to recover if the other party acted unreasonably dangerous or careless at the time of the incident. In a successful injury lawsuit, you can recover lost wages, future earnings, medical expenses, and general damages for pain and suffering or mental anguish. A car accident lawyer can help.

What Do I Do Now?

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